First and foremost, thank you for playing on Relic. I hope you've enjoyed your time within the world we've all created together.

When I created Relic, I had no intentions of accepting donations. I had this vision in my head that Relic would be a place where people could escape the world around them. To comfort them. To build lasting friendships. Not accept donations. 

However, there are bills and I have been paying them all out of pocket. Relic is run on a dedicated machine in a datacenter to provide you with good uptime and stable performance.

Please, never feel pressured to support Relic financially, you playing the server is more than enough. That's why I created perks/titles around playtime (Lieutenant, Colonel, and Admiral). I put a lot of thought into it for you <3. 

With that said, if you like the perks we offer (VIP and Elite memberships) or if you feel like treating the server to supply signals, I know everyone online would appreciate it, plus you would be helping support Relic and reduce some of the monetary burden.

Thank you. <3. Look forward to seeing you in-game.