VIP (One-Time)

19.99 USD

Package Description

** Perks are received every wipe and apply to all Relic servers.

Cosmetic Perk:

  • Gold username in chat in lieu of blue (example)

Item Perks:

  • Recycler [example]
    Type /rec in-game for a personal recycler to place in your base
  • Sign Artist [example]
    Type /sil in-game to upload images to signs in-game (any png, jpg, etc.)
  • Poker Tables [example]
    Type /poker in-game for two poker tables to place inside/outside of your base
  • Slot Machines [example]
    Type /slots for two slot machines to gamble in the privacy of your home
  • Roulette Wheel [example]
    Type /wheel and /betting in-game for one gambling/roulette wheel with four betting terminals

Server Perk:

  • You will be excluded from any inactivity decay (your entities/base will never decay because of inactivity)

Discord Perk:

  • Supporter group with supporters only channel